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L. Wesley Blickenstaff
Senior Vice President,
Disillusionment & Bitterness

Lisa D. Singer
Senior Vice President,
Client Alienation

Ms. Ann Thrope
Office Manager


We pride ourselves in being responsive and responsible. Our sense of guilt is so finely honed that it is physically impossible for us to ignore phone messages, pawn off substandard work or miss a deadline. Also, we tell the truth. If we think your idea is misguided, we won’t pretend otherwise. However, if misguided is what you want, misguided we’ll give you, on time—every time.

You may have guessed that we aren’t the best choice for people who don’t have a sense of humor. Sure, we can work with them, we just prefer not to.

That said, we hope you will click on the categories above and review some of our creations. We think the samples make it clear why clients continue to put up with us year after year. Or, if you prefer, we'll provide a list of biased references.

For those of you who take comfort in numbers: We have four point five decades of combined experience in marketing and public relations. Also, we have one cat, one dog, two spouses, one son, three siblings, eleven nieces and nephews, a few good friends and way too many acquaintances.



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